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Residential Pest Control

A happy family that used our residential pest control services in Minneapolis, MN
PAFFY's Pest Control started with one ambitious young man who had envisioned a company that will not only benefit his own family, but for those families in his community and beyond.

So Duane Paffel set out on his journey, introducing himself to as many people as he could. Once they came aboard, he, with help from his wife Cheri, hand-wrote service agreements and invoices until they could afford the modern conveniences available for running a small business.

A short time later, they brought in one of their sons. Then another. Eventually they ran out of sons, and ever since have been searching for (and finding) the best possible people to help his company grow and thrive.
3-Season Home Service Plan

We have developed a home service plan based on feedback from customers, and from our own observations about pest pressures during different times of the year. With our plan, we come out on a schedule of spring. summer and fall. We deal with all the creatures that present themselves at any given time of year (see link to our 3-season brochure for more details).

You may ask “what happens if I need you at other times of the year?” Well, that is the beauty of our program. We become essentially on retainer with each of our 3-season customers, meaning that if you need us any time throughout the year, we come to you at no extra charge.

Don't forget to ask about our annual prepayment discount!
Happy Family - Pest Control in Newport, MN
Mother, Father and Son - Pest Control in Newport, MN
Family - Pest Control in Newport, MN
Another interesting fact is that caterpillars can have well over 4,000 separate muscles. To put that into proper perspective, humans have a mere 792.
Catterpillar - Pest Control in Newport, MN