Don’t Let These Pests Ruin Your Summer

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Summertime is a glorious season for family picnics, barbecues, and outings. Unfortunately, the warm months are the perfect time for pests to wreak havoc on your property—and your plans for a fun-filled summer.

Because of the increased moisture, temperatures, daylight, and food sources during the summer months, pests are found plentifully across the country. However, you don’t have to put up with obnoxious pests when you could be having fun with your family, friends, and neighbors.
Whatever your summer plans are, don’t let obnoxious pests interrupt them. Use our guide below to identify some of the most common pests you could encounter this summer so you know how to better avoid them and enjoy the warm weather.


Perhaps the bane of everyone’s summer existence, mosquitoes can cause quite the annoyance. These flying, biting insects not only leave itchy bumps that irritate your skin but they can also spread diseases such as West Nile, and, more recently, Zika virus.

Mosquitoes prefer to live and stay near stagnant, standing water so they can easily lay their eggs. They’re also more active between sunset and sunrise, in the shade, and during cloudy weather.

With the rise in summer temperatures comes the higher desire for outdoor gatherings—and these get-togethers typically feature food. Unfortunately, ants can quickly and easily find and get to your yummy dishes and treats. Once one ant finds a viable food source, it will leave behind a chemical trail, allowing other ants to follow the path to the food.

There are dozens of species of ants around, and while some thrive off the same food you eat, others only live off wood. They also live near plentiful water sources, such as open pools or leaking spouts.


Like ants, cockroaches also survive from the same food you eat and water you drink. They can also live off of garbage and decay. Homes are particularly ideal for cockroaches because of the sustainable food and water sources, consistently warm temperatures, and protected living spaces.

Cockroaches do shed their skins and leave their feces and dead relatives scattered on your property. And since these critters live in water and even sewage pipes, cockroaches can cause allergies to act up or even spread bacteria and diseases to humans.


Rodents can be found running around inside and outside homes to find food, water, and shelter. Common rodents you may see on your property include mice, rats, raccoons, and squirrels. These creatures can make a mess of your home and compromise your home’s structural integrity.

Even the smallest of holes in your home can be the perfect entry way for rodents like mice and rats, and easy access to your attic and roof’s insulation makes the area an ideal home for raccoons.


From brown recluses and black widows to daddy longlegs and yellow sac spiders, you’ve probably encountered more arachnids than you’d care to admit. Spiders prefer the dark, damp spaces of crawlspaces and basements, but you can also find these insects outside in shady areas.

While many spiders benefit you and the environment by eating other insects, some (like black widows) can be harmful to humans.

If you notice any of these pests in your home or anywhere in your yard, contact a professional pest control expert right away. He or she can perform an inspection of your property, diagnose the source of your pest problem or infestation, and get rid of pests—any species and any size—in no time.

With a professional’s help, you can more easily enjoy your summer. Don’t hesitate to contact Paffy’s Pest Control whenever you need pest control services.